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RJ Adams

We have a saying in Britain: They're so useless they "couldn't organize a piss-up in a brewery."

Abizaid's aims: ".....defeating al Qaeda; deterring Iran; and developing a comprehensive solution to the Arab-Israeli conflict....." illustrates how inept their thinking is on the Middle East. The only way to defeat al-Qaeda is by getting Iran and Syria on board, not deterring them. It's also the only way to solve the Arab-Israeli conflict, presently in the doldrums because Bush won't agree to Israel returning the Golan Heights to Syria (which is pretty much all the Arabs want from Israel) because it means negotiating with "a terrorist-backing regime". He's referring to Hezbollath of course - probably less of a terrorist threat than this present American administration!

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I love when politicians retract statements when there is clear video evidence that they said a certain thing.

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